How Does It Work

Seismic Union is a community of gamers which reflect and respond to the demands of its community. By creating an account with us you become part of that community and then have the right to vote on what games are hosted on the server each week. Many of the games we host only allow members of the Seismic Union community to play on them keeping the quality of the servers high.

As you play and vote for games you earn points; the more points you get the higher your rank goes. Higher ranks unlock more votes per week with additional benefits and you will become a more esteemed member of the Seismic Union community.
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To Play On The Community Servers

  1. Link your game accounts by going to Account and entering your account details for each game/client under "Linked Game Accounts". This will allow you to play and earn points on all the Seismic Union servers.
  2. Join a game by following its instructions in hosted games.

To Vote For A Game

Simply go to either Hosted Games or Vote For Games and click the "Up Vote" button next to the game you want to vote for.

To Suggest A Game You Want To Play On The Servers

You must reach at least the rank of Representative and then navigate to Account and then select "Game Suggestions" and enter details about the game you want.

Some games might not be possible to host for technical reasons so suggestions will then be reviewed by our technical team before going to public voting if we are able to host it.

If your game suggestion makes it to public voting; you will earn a large points bonus and an even larger one if your game receives enough votes to be hosted!

If your have further questions please check out our FAQ or contact us here.