Welcome to the Seismic Union community where you can vote for games and earn points for playing!

Seismic Union was founded by myself, Will A.K.A. Willsburger, and Dan A.K.A. Doctorzeus. We have spent far too many hours gaming (at nerd fest*) but because of this we’ve made some great friends and would love to grow a revolutionary community with your contribution and input. We want to offer people the opportunity to play their favourite games online with a whole host of friends and community members. We hope the community makes you feel welcome!

Just sign up and link your accounts for free now!

To make sure everyone is as happy as can be we also want to offer something a little different… The chance for our members to recommend and vote for the games they want Seismic Union to host.** This means that we can stay on top what’s popular and what’s not.

As we grow we want to invest in more servers, faster internet and maybe a couple of beers to keep us motivated if you don’t mind. Don’t feel pressured to donate but we love all of you guys who have donated.

So sign up for free and become a comrade and help us begin the revolution!


*Let me tell you a little about ourselves; we as a small group of friends have been playing games and bringing our PCs round each other’s houses for gaming meetups, known as Nerd Fest, for a fair few years now. These Nerd Fests consisted of gaming,Chinese takeaway, energy drinks and beer over the course of these long weekends. We always enjoyed playing together and we continued to do so during the week over public servers but certain games just didn’t have many and the servers we could join did not support many players or deleted our progress with updates *sad face*… But hope was not lost and finally we can offer our own hosted games for all to play!

**As you are starting out with a new account will get one vote a week to cast on the games you want.The more you play the more points you will accumulate and eventually you’ll rank up. With each new rank you’ll get more votes to cast each week!